Q1: How do I register for a account?

A1: Click on Login & Sign up in the top right corner of the page and choose “Sign Up”. Fill in the details, Click “Submit”. An email will send to you to notify your successful registration.


Q2: When can I start to shop on

A2: You can start shopping once your membership is activated.


Q3: I have registered but I have not received any email verification from

A3: Kindly check your spam folder/junk folder or you may email to 


Q4: How do I change the registered information on my account?

A4: To change the information on your account, you will need to log in to your account, select “YOUR USER ID”, and edit the information from there (e.g. address, phone number, email) and Save.


Q5: I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

A5: You will need to click on “Password Reset” and enter your registered email address. An email will be sent to your registered email address allowing you to create a new password. You may then log in to your account with the new password.


Q6: Do I need to pay to become a member/buyer on

A6: No, there are no fees involved. It is free to be a member of as a member/buyer.


Buyer – Order & Payment


Q1: Can I purchase items on without registering as a member?

A1: To purchase products, you can purchase without being a registered member


Q2: Are the prices stated on the website fixed with no further discount?

A2: The prices stated on the website are fixed unless there’s a promotion or further reduction through coupon discounts. We highly advise our buyers to stay tuned on our on-going or future promotions by subscribing to our newsletter. For more information, please email to


Q3: Can I check out multiple products at a time?

A3: Yes you can. Select the products you would like to purchase and add them to your shopping cart or wishlist. Once that is done, you may then proceed to check out all the products at one go! This allows you to save time from placing multiple orders & performing multiple payments. 


Q4: Can I change my order after making payment?

A4: Once an order is confirmed, you are unable to change the details as the seller may have started the shipment process. For urgent requests, kindly email us to as soon as possible for further action.


Q5: What is a shopping cart?

A5: A shopping cart is a convenient tool to help buyers to purchase multiple products at one go. All the products inside your shopping cart can be purchased with a single payment even though the products are from different sellers. also occasionally provides coupons/discounts on the total payable amount of your shopping cart.


Q6: What is a Wish List?

A6: While browsing, if there are products that have caught your attention but you are unable to purchase them as yet, put them into your wish list. Once you are ready to purchase the items, you may go to your Wish List and add them to your Shopping Cart for a quick check out.


Q7: The product I have received appears to be different from the product description on the website?

A7: We select images that we hope most accurately reflect the color and shape of the products alongside the product specification, but this is also depending on your screen resolution. There may be small variations in color, such as a slightly lighter shade between the actual product and how it appears when viewed on the website.


Q8: How do I find out if the products I have selected are still in stock?

A8: Select the product you wish to purchase and go to its product page. You will be able to view the stock information on the right side of the page stating if the product is still “In Stock”.


Q9: What is an order number?

A9: Order number is the reference number for the product(s) you have ordered. Once you click the link that brings you to the reference number page, you will be able to view your order number, payment information, rewards provided by the seller (if any), product details & your shipping information.


Q10: What is Confirm Purchase?

A10: ‘Purchase Confirmation’ means that your order process has officially been completed.
Once your product arrives, you should inspect the product thoroughly. If the received product is in good condition and as described on the Product Detail Page.


Q11: Are customers/merchants able to pay by cheque for the purchased items?

A11: Cheque payment is only applicable for B2B purchases.


Q12: Are customers/ merchants able to pay by cash or credit card installments?

A12: Payment only can be made via credit card or debit card at the moment for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) purchases. B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions, however, will accept Letter of Credit.


Q13: Are customers able to place their orders via usshoppingmart Facebook or Instagram pages, etc?

A13: Yes orders can be placed on Facebook and Instagram online platforms.


Q14: Are customers able to contact the merchant directly to place an order?

A14: If customers were to contact the merchants directly to place an order, then the transaction would have not been done via so we will not take any responsibility for the transaction.